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A Chakra is a spinning energy centre within our bodies. There are many chakras but the ones that we work with in our bodies are the 9 that I would like to introduce you to. Some like to think of them as ponds within a stream of energy that runs through our bodies. Each pond has a purpose. Each Chakra governs different areas of the physical body. Energy imbalances within the chakra system can manifest in many symptoms, things that we don’t even really pay attention to like a headache or a rash. By noticing which chakra seems to be imbalanced and studying the chakra’s corresponding organs, glands and muscles we can work towards balance – mind, body and spirit. Chakra in Sanskrit =means wheel.

Each Chakra has its own unique energetic vibration. Our energetic body responds to vibrations, when a sound is played that resonates with the optimal vibration the chakra can awaken. As the sound continues our energetic body matches the frequency.

Chakras are energetic points all over your body that are vortexes for energy to move through. While they hold many non-physical properties, it’s easy to see if the major centers are opened or closed by observing patterns in your everyday life.


Each chakra is associated with a note, color, seed mantra, body centre and various human quality. When our Chakras are balanced, open and in alignment our life becomes more balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this deep state of relaxation, you are slowing the brain waves, shifting energy blockages, balancing chakras and realigning both your physical and light bodies with the Universal Resonance.

Our method of Universal Sound healing originates in the idea of restoring Universal Harmony through Sound. This Universal Harmony, once restored, refers to the absence of Illness – or Dis-Harmony. It also refers to the Harmonics or Overtones of which all Sounds and Vibrations are made, a Universal Scale which organises all Sound and which has the capacity to holistically restore or retune both living things and objects to their optimum “healthy” vibration.

The ultimate goal is supreme peace. Maintain your peace and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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