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ds-bhandari-new DS.Bhandari

We help individuals from all walks of life, without any age restriction, to solve all their problems through our Healing.

We help resolve health, wealth and relationship issues.

Our unique combination of Code Word healing (0-9), Chakras and Universal Sound methodology help you to recover from all sorts of problems that you are undergoing and help you to start a new life !

  • 3 Months of Code Word Healing (0-9)
  • Chakra Healing
  • Universal Sound Healing

We use code words for clients for HEALING ENERGY through 0-9
Charges : Rs.30000/- (All the above included)

Healing gives you energy to solve all your personal problems and will enable you enter a new world of Prosperity and Happiness.
Those who want to avail the services are requested to contact us at +91-9342830888 and come personally to the below mentioned address

No.1,SLV Building, 4th Floor,
Near Banaras Sweet House, Chickpete Cross,
Maramma Temple Street, Bengaluru-560053

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